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Hey Guys!

I always get asked where to buy this or that. Here's a page of links where you can buy some stuff. It's mostly links to Amazon and are associate links. I do get a kick back if you buy from these links but it's not always the cheapest place to get things so shop around. I'll try and update these links when I find good deals. 

Badger Products
If you want to buy Badger airbrushes and Minitaire paints, the best place I can direct you to is here:

You can use "CONSORTIUM" and it'll get you 40% off your order.

You might be able to get the Patriot 105 or Krome cheaper on Amazon for some reason.

Some peeps from over seas prefer to buy from some place inside their country for either shipping costs or they just don't trust international shipping.

You can buy from a place in UK here:
Barwell Body Works -

Or in Australia:
Defiant Gaming -

Here are the brushes I love to use.

Here are some compressor I recommend that works well and are in a very good price range. It's a few bucks cheaper if you buy it from their website at The 220v versions here:

Spray Booths
Most spray booths are pretty expensive.  The cheap one I linked here kind of works but I've heard it doesn't suck enough.

Airbrush Cleaning Stations
These are great to use to do color changes and while cleaning your airbrush.

Airbrush Holders
Using one of these are a must if you airbrush.  If you need to put your airbrush somewhere while color changes or just to leave your desk, just place it on one of these babies.

Airbrush Cleaners
Here's some product to help you clean your airbrush and do color changes.

Paint Mixers
Some products to help you mix paints better in your airbrush.

Airbrush Lube
This stuff is great to use to help prolong dry tip.  If you want to know more, check out my video Airbrushing Tips: Prolonging Dry Tip

Safety Stuff
Here's some stuff that will help protect you while you airbrushing cause people don't paint miniatures, airbrushes paint miniatures.

Other Great Stuff for Airbrushing