Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre-Shade and Post Shade Techique on a Space Wolves Rhino

What an awesome and easy way to get shading on to a model.  Pre-shading and post-shading is something I used to make great shading effects on planes and tanks in scale modeling and it was a natural transition to bringing it over into wargaming.
This whole video demonstrated the use of pre-shading and post-shading.  Once you get it down it's a fast and easy way to apply shading to a model.

Hope this video is a great help to you!


  1. WOW this has really helped me alot! thanks!

  2. Excellent- I could watch these ab tutorials all day soaking up how to actually paint rather than the many 'starter' tutorials out there. It's videos like this I need to be watching as I have no one to ask in real life- as all the gamers I play with just use brushes to paint.I have had a rocky path learning the ab, mainly due to the reasons I gave earlier, if I hit a problem I have no one to simply ask and have to spend sometimes hours of pita experimentation to try and figure out what I am doing wrong.I hope you find the time to do more of these type of tutorials Chung, 90% of what I have learnt has come from you- many thanks for that. Keep em coming. TYVM. :)