Friday, December 28, 2012

Miniatire Color Chart

So many peeps been asking me about the Miniatire color chart and I realized it wasn't readily available when I did a google search.  I should have put this up ages ago but I didn't really have a good place I thought I could put it.  Duh, I have a blog! So here you guys go.  I hope this helps! :)


  1. Alot of colors that obviously aren't supposed to be grey- are showing a grey box on the chart :o

    Unless thats deliberate and you're going for a trendy 50 shades of grey thing ^_^

  2. No, I think it's cause it's a earlier work in progress chart. I've asked them to see if they updated it yet.

  3. I really wanted to take advantage of the Coupon Code you provided but right after Xmas here and my car is coughing... gonna have to wait and try these later, but I really want to give em a try. The idea that they're prediluted with a standard consistency gives me goose bumps :)

  4. Ah well, after the 10th, you can use the code CONSORTIUM and that'll get you 40% off. :)

  5. Where can I find more info on the Minitaire product line?
    I have heard in several videos that you, Les and Mathieu Fontaine has been involved in the development of these paints - I would love to hear more about the development.

    It's very tempting with the Coupon - too bad the Customs here in Denmark are so high :(

  6. How will these paints fair being shipped in the winter? What happens if they freeze during shipping?

  7. I have been looking into these paints as a substitute for my citadel and vallajo game colors, but it's kind of difficult to judge the color from the chart.
    I guess what I really need is something like this with Minitaire added:
    It would be nice if someone with access to both the minitaire paints and at least one of the other paint ranges, could map this =)

  8. Found this thread trying to find an answer to my Minitaire question, so I'll post this as 411 here.

    I got one each of the blues offered by Minitaire yesterday (except the ghost tints) trying to find a color match to GW Macragge / VGC Ultramarine. None of them are even close, despite what the chart shows. The blues tend toward grey/green. I don't have any complaints about the paints themselves. I used the Dark Green on my DA-version stormtalon, and it was fantastic. I just don't recommend any of the blues at the moment if you're looking to paint any GW models that are supposed to use Macragge Blue.

    1. I found the same thing with the greens... nothing matches GW Snot (or whatever its called now) green

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