Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Ichiban Fever

The Ichiban Fever.  This is what you get when you get the Ichiban Fever.  Itching all over.  It's like poison ivy but worse.  You start getting a craving for Pocky and you start growing a beard and wild hair that would put that guy from the movie Young Einstein to shame!

I came across Itchy (as I call him) through our lovely and wonderful Joey Berry.  She usually informs me of some of the people she'd met online that she might think I want to work with.  So I went and checked out his channel and watched some of his stuff.

It was a bit after that we started talking.  I'm not quite sure how it happened though.  Maybe it was through an email with Joey or if Ichy and I just kind of just stalked each other back on Facebook.  Either way after a while he just fitted in and we have something in common; we come from the scale modeling world.

Never mind that he had wild hair and a weird crazy accent - Joey and I sat there one day trying to figure it out - but the guy is a fucking artist.  He's put out some great stuff and knows his shit and he's a very approachable friendly guy that connects with the community.

Few YT video makers that are really good is very hard to approach on a down to earth level.  Some hold an air of greatness and snobs down at everyone else's work.  Some are very "stick to business-like" as they run a commission business and want to keep it at that level with the community.  Some not only teach but comes down to the mud and plays with the rest of us.  Itchy is one of the latter.

The man is also a Golden Demon winner.  I actually call him a "Wannabe" but the meaning behind that jest can be left for another post. He came to me for advice on entering for a Golden Demon which I thought was funny as I never have won one or really have an interest in doing so.

The only reason I entered something last year was because Les was pounding on my head to enter SOMETHING and I just grabbed something that looked decent and came home a finalist with a cool pin that I use to torture my cat with by sticking her in the butt with it. Lucky I didn't win a trophy eh?

But I did give him some advice as to what to look out for and I can only hope that it helped him.  I doubt it though but never-the-less, he went, entered and come home with 3 trophies (one being the gold).

He's also coming out with a line of large scale busts and miniatures for painters and they look pretty damn awesome!  I suggest anyone who's interested in just practicing or love to paint to check them out.

So without further ado, here's my interview with him in our latest Wargamers Insider: Meet the Tuber Edition!

So check him out and check out his indiegogo campaign and throw in some support if you are intersted!

Youtube Channel:

Check you all out later dear readers!

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