Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Angels of Absolution with Minitaire

A viewer contacted me through our WGC Facebook page and was asking about what color in the Minitaire line is comparably to bone white. So we'll take a look at the Minitaire Ancient Bone and comparing it to the almost equivalent colors in the Vallejo Colors as this would be the base color you would use for AoA color scheme.

Here's the message I got from the viewer named Devin:

"Hey guys I know you guys have gotten to play around with the Minitaire paints from Badger and was wondering could you tell me there is a color that matches GW's bleached bone? I'm getting ready to start a Angels of Absolution Dark Angels army and Airbrushing would be so much faster. I see that a lot of people will use Vallejo's Model Air sand also but I'm interested in the Minitaire line."

As I do not have the GW line, I usually jump to the VGC line and look at the color there and try to match with something close to the Minitaire line.

So let's just start by saying that the sample I'm giving here is for a Deathwing termie I'm working on.  It's not AoA but it's a close color scheme to it. As it stands when writing this post, I primed the figure white, then laid down Saddle Brown (D6-118), midtone with Jaundice (D6-115) and then highlight with Ancient Bone (D6-112). Then I did an oil wash with Burnt Umber then highlighted areas with Ancient Bone again.

I am going for a reddish shadow base for my Deathwing colors.  If were to do an Angel of Absolution scheme, then I would  have kept with a brown shadow base so I probably would have gone with shadowing with Muddy Brown (D6-119) and then midtone with Bark (D6-117) then highlight with Ancient Bone.

So here's a quick palette I did really quickly for Devin so he can get a feel about the equivalent colors.  So I took VMC Bone White which is the equivalent to GW's Bleached Bone.  I also don't have VMA's Sand but I have the Sand Yellow so I just included it on this pallet   You'll just have to imaging it a little lighter and ALMOST matching the VMC's Bone White. Click on the image for a bigger view.

I matched the color as much as I can on my screen but it might look different on other peoples screens.  So in summary, assuming that VMC Bone White is an exact match to GW's Bleached Bone, Minitaire's Ancient Bone is less yellow-ish and a more subdued tone.

So I hope this helped out Devin and anyone else who comes across doing an AoA army and wanted to know how the Minitaire Ancient Bones will look on the color scheme.

Happy Wargaming!


  1. Thanks for the quick response and post about my question. It's really appreciated! If any other viewers are interested in following my new blog about my DA adventure here is a link http://warhammer40krehab.blogspot.com/

  2. So adding a hint of yellow will get you a closer match to VGC Bonewhite I assume?

  3. Yeh. Adding a hint of yellow (a tad Jaundice) will match it up toe VGC Bonewhite.

  4. Thanks for the chart. I looked for hours last night to see what Minitaire blue is close to Ultramarine Blue.
    Any suggestions?

    BTW, I have been watching your Adepticon vids. Very cool. I am sorry that I was not "sociable" enough to talk to you all up there this year. This was my first A-con and I enjoyed it thoroughly.