Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Idea Behind Battle Arena Live

So I got a few inquires about the idea behind doing our new Battle Arena Live shows so I figured I give a little explanation about the thoughts behind the new show and maybe this could be a little tip to other guys/gals doing videos out there.

I remember back as a kid I was a huge fan of wrestling. WWF was one of my main line ups in my list of shows to watch. I cheered and watched intently as legendary matches marked their name in history; Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior, Mick Foley vs The Undertaker in the King of the Ring match.

Most of the time, if not all, it was all about the lead up to those matches.  The silly storylines that drew you in and made you hate the heels and love the faces (sometimes vice versa) that really hyped you up to the actual show down.

What made me get into the live streaming stuff as I was trying to stay away from it at first was doing the MWG live shows.  That in itself was something Dave was trying something to connect with other youtube video makers out there and helping them out as they return the favor.  Like all ideas, you have to start somewhere.  As it stands now, the MWG live shows have a great momentum yet still going through trials and errors.

That's what it's all about when you try out a new idea and new formats.  Will it work? Will it be accepted? Those are two questions you have to ask and in order to get the answer, you have try it for a period of time. Some people try it once and throw up their hands and say "I doesn't work!" and give up.  It's really not the way to do things.

I usually push it as far as it goes before I call it quits and that rarely happens.  As long as there's enough people saying they love it and watch it, then that should be good enough.  But how much is enough people to watch it?  How long should you go with it before you say I'm done?

Well let's put it this way and maybe you can keep following this show along and see how it grows.  What I want to do is put a different spin to a batrep.  Keep in mind that we're still doing our pre-recorded batreps and you should see what's in store on both Les (AwesomePaintJob) and my channel.  We're pulling out tons of the special effects so we have a good base to start on.  I think in the past week, we've used After Effects more than we every had over the years we've been doing this combined.

In the first promo, it was just Les and I doing a "commentary" style of a promo.  Then we did the live batrep. I was trying a new software and trying a new set up so of course it didn't go too smoothly but it worked as well as it could have worked. You take note and fix things.  Come up with new ideas.

Last night after our live MWG show, the crew sat around and started to discuss what new ideas we can put into the show.  I told them that I wanted something akin to a WWE style show; having fun with it, pulling out the colorful characters, doing the bantering trash talking interviews.  It was a fun meeting.  The guys were making stuff up and we here laughing our arses off.

So as the show progresses, we're going to bring in other players and giving them a "character" that we can sell and then build up those story lines.  For example, the last promo which I call the "Betrayal" sets up a match between Les and Eric.  As we go, the stories will build up and hopefully the action moves into the actual live batreps.

We're also going to mix it up.  Where as WWE has Ladder Matches, Cage Matches... etc. we will have Malifaux matches, Warmachine matches, 40k matches, WFB matches... etc.

As for now, we're going to take it as we go and seeing where the wind takes us.  It's all about trying some new things and trying to be a little different about it and having fun.  If you're not having fun, then why do it? :)

I hope you guys will ride the wind with us and see where this new show will go as well! :) If you want to keep up with the schedules, take a look at our website @ and sign up for the newsletter.

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