Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tau Ethereal Conversion, All it Takes is a Little Head... and an Eldar Body

If you're like me you probably hate finecast and stay away from metals if for nothing else but to keep your army bag light and fluff. With the Tau Ethereal model being either both then you're kinda out of options unless you do a conversion. If you haven't been keeping up lately. This is how I did one quickly as I had to get it done quick to get it out of the way and on the table keeping it all in the plastic family.

If you've been keep up at my One on One with C page (and other facebook pages) you know that I did up a quick conversion of a Tau Ethereal.  I had to do it quick do I can slap some paint on it to get it ready for tomorrows game with Jay on the Live Show, assuming if I decide to use him or not.

I've seen some conversions out there but here was an easy one.  You take the Eldar Farseer Model which is a plastic kit.  It's this one:

and stick a Tau head on him.  That's it.  What I did also was to clip some of the icons off the body to try and take come of the Eldar flavor to it. Unpainted it looks like this:

The bone armour however, does keep it very Eldar.  As I was just trying to get this done quick, I didn't have time to work on it more.  I could have used a file to sand it down or used green stuff to build up that Tau looking power suit they use.  But for a quick fix, this would do will in a pinch.

Other options I've got from some comments were to use the High Elf Mage body for this.  I'm assuming from the Isle of Blood set or something but I'll try that later.  If you collect enough Tau, you got enough heads to make a whole army of Ethereals!

Hope this helps anyone else out there! Take care and love y'all!

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