Sunday, November 21, 2010

Airbrushing 101 - Part 1: Buying an Airbrush Setup

In this series of beginning airbrushing video series we'll talk about buying a new airbrush setup. This includes going over they type of airbrushes, prices and the air source you can chose from (Air Tanks, Compressors...etc.) This was done a while ago and of course some information has changed since then but this still can help!

I talked about the different types of brushes out there where I show the difference between a single and dual action airbrush. Then I moved into the type of feed loads for an airbrush and show you the difference of a bottom feed, side feed and gravity feed brush.

I quickly went through some prices of different brands out there in the market.  I also touched a little about air sources going over canned propellant, air tanks and compressors.

And answer some questions from viewers here in a follow up round table video:

I hope these really help you get into airbrushing!  There are more videos I made in these series so check out the other post on this blog. :)

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