Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Airbrush 101 - Part 2: Work Space and Paints

This is the second video in a series about starting out with using an airbrush. I'll give you some tips on setting up a work area for airbrushing and we'll go over some paints used in the hobby for airbrushing. It's all very basic stuff and I will be covering more of these type of things in the Airbrushing Intermediate videos.
One of the reason it's important to set up a good work space for airbrushing is to make sure you have ventilation so you want to work in a nice big room.  If you can't, there's things like filter masks and spray booths.  If you want to see a cool DIY Spray Booth, check out Bad Grendels' videos on the one he made.

We also go over the paints we use in this hobby. We talk a bit about GW Paints and Vallejo paints and some other brands.

The round table came soon after answering some viewer questions:

It's funny to watch this as I mentioned MarneusAugustaCalgar did a rant video on never using a airbrush and now he's one of the best airbrushers I know! Haha... you can see this video here. But in his defense, he DID say he wouldn't get one because of the cost.

Because I got tons more comments after making that last Round Table so I decided to do another one:

Again! Hope these helped you out!

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