Monday, November 29, 2010

Airbrushing 101 - Part 3: Basic Mechanics, Thinning Paint and Cleaning

In the third video we go over the basic mechanics of an airbrush and how it basically works. Then we'll go over thinning paints and how to keep your airbrush clean and maintained, a very important part of the process of airbrushing.  Again, I just touch a bit on thinning, color changes and maintenance but I will get into it in my Airbrushing Intermediate series.

To understand airbrushing it to understand at least the basics of how it works. We also reviewed the parts of the airbrush. I do this by showing you the Badger's Renegade Velocity. This was my work horse brush before I got my Krome.

Thinning is another thing that people have problems with at the start. The basic rule is thinning it to the consistency of skim milk so I did a quick demonstration of it.

I also go through really quickly about color changes and cleaning and maintaining your airbrush.

So does this help you at all? Let me know by commenting below! :)


  1. In the video you mention cleaning the airbrush with alcohol. Are you using isopropyl alcohol or some specific brand. I've heard that alcohol can gum up acrylic paint.

  2. Isopropyl alcohol. but yeh, it can gum up certain paints but you don't keep the paint and alcohol in the cup. Doing quick rinses and getting it all out of your airbrush is fine. What I do it just rinse it out with windex and if needed, I'll finish it off with Alcohol.