Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Airbrushing Intermediate: Getting Started

So off we go with the new airbrushing videos.  These videos are mainly geared towards the people who just gotten their airbrush and want to jump in and get started.  It might still be useful for those that are already doing the airbrushing tango but I dunno.  Either way thanks for watching.

So here are some important links from the video. :)

YouTube Play List for the Beginning Videos
Les' Airbrush Rant
IchibanPainting's Badger Airbrush Review
IchibanPainting's Minitaire Review

Buying Badger Products

If you want to buy Badger airbrushes and Minitaire paints, the best place I can direct you to is here:

For until January 10th, 2013, use the coupon code "HOLIDAYPROMO" and it'll get you 50% off your order.  After that, you can use "CONSORTIUM" and it'll get you 40% off your order.

You can actually get the Patriot 105 cheaper on Amazon for some reason.  Thanks Isabelle for the heads up.

Other Products Mentioned in the Video
For more links to recommendations on buying some of the stuff you saw in the video, check out the Recommended Buys page.


  1. Chang,

    I really like all your how-to videos! Being a newbie with all this, I have really learned a lot. What PSI to use when spraying the paint is still quite vague. Do you have any guidelines you could give me??

  2. Hey Chang, first off thanks for these videos- they have explained a lot and made me I feel a lot more comfortable getting to grips with my first airbrush set up. I have to be honest I was- and to an extent still am kinda scared of it- I am sure this is weird but I am! I just don't know where to start- I have a load of larger models waiting to get painted up but I am a little concerned about messing them up due to my airbrush inexperience.Have you got any suggestions or things I could do to get the hang of airbrushing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Hal :)

    1. If you don't have any junk models or anything, you can always practice on just card board or paper. Or to get closer to models and something with shape,primer a plastic coke bottle and try that. Some of us uses plastic spoons too :)