Monday, December 24, 2012

Jumping into a WarmaHordes Journeyman League

So I decided to jump into the WarmaHordes Journeyman League over at JJ's as another filler to my gaming life which I probably won't have enough time for anyway! HA! At least I'll give it a go.  It'll help the store as well as get me back into WarmaHordes scene.

The last time I played WarmaHordes was probably about 6 or 7 months ago.  I loved the game but unfortunately I got burnt out.  It was a time I was seeking something other than 40k or Fantasy and when I realized how fun and different it was, I jumped in full force.

In about a week I had Menoth just coming out of my arse. I was burning everything and laying waste the best I can and I couldn't get enough.  I started my Cygnar as well and then started my Orboros.  I was on fire which unfortunately burned me out after 3 months of constant play.

For some reason I had a HARD time trying to come up with a color scheme for my Menoth.  I didn't want to completely use the studio scheme and I didn't want to go with the dark scheme as it looked great but everyone was doing it.  So I think that contributed to why I just ended up not playing.  98% of my Menoth army were tabled still primered white and I just can't stand that.

Back then it wasn't that popular at my store as it is now.  Needless to say, it's spread like wildfire there and there's many more opponents.  Both Eric and Jay has gotten in to it and Les has even seem to have an interest in it.

Eric, Chris and Tanner has a hand in talking me back into it so I browsed the WarmaHorde rack.  I wanted to go Retribution as I would have LOVE to paint an army of them but they didn't have a starter box.  I could have bought it somewhere else but the whole point was to help the store and buy it there.  Then I came across Legion of Everblight.

Two problems.  It's horde and I never really clicked with the fury mechanic with my Oboros (that's probably why I never got past the starter box with them).  Second, they are elves.  Unlike Joey who loves elves, I lean toward human races when it comes to gaming. Even in my RPG days, I always favored playing Humans.  Elves just seems so... faux pas.  For me it's along the lines of Vampires.  Everyone so into them that they become so overrated, at least for me.

I had a really hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to play.  A week into the league, Chris (or was it Eric?) informed me that they were Dragon Elves and THAT seemed to make everything ok. I don't know why! lol  Plus they looked almost as fun to paint as Retribution. I didn't know much about them as when I played before no one played Legion.

So I bought the starter box and sat down to get in at least 1 game for the first week against Eric's Mercs. You can play up to five games a week so I'm a little behind.  It's ok. It's a good challenge to try and catch up. BTW,  I didn't have time to paint them yet so pardon the bare plastic lameness.

Eric's was playing the Merc starter option that consists of Ashlynn D’Elyse, the Talon, the Vanguard and the Mule. My starter box consisted of  Lylyth, a Carnivean and 4 shedders which I like calling them Squiggs. That's what happens when you have years of Warhamer engraved into your very soul. Damn GW!

So after bugging the crap out of Chris, I started to finally get down the fury mechanic. Took me a little while to get it going though as my shredders kept frenzy on each other. It also took some getting used playing Hordes as I played Orboros but a couple of time and it's been a long time.  The differences between Warmachine and Hordes are few but enough to make it confusing if all you're used to is playing on the Warmachine side.

The game started well.  I took out his Mule and his Vanguard.  He did a little damage to a couple of my Shredders and scored some insignificant damage to my Carnivean.  Most of the damage on my shredder were taken from them biting each other!

The game was faring well for me at this point and I moved in to take care of his Talon with 3 shredders and the Carnivean, burned some fury to heal up my spirit on a couple of shedders.  At this point, I believe it was turn 4 or 5.

This was where I made the biggest noob mistake that I can ever make.  It's something I've always seen when I played with new players months back.  I stepped Lylyth out into the open to take a shot at Ashlynn without paying attention to my distance from her.  I realized my mistake after I took the shot and my poker face rushed into action hoping that Eric, being a new player wouldn't notice.

However, Eric deserves more credit that that.  He saw it right through my mistake and rushed Ashlynn right up to Lylyth, popped her feat (I think)  and took the chance that he would take her out that turn.  A few hits and Lylyth was dead meat.  He was sweating though as if he didn't take me down that final turn, Ashlynn would have been shredded.

Lylyth would have popped her Feat with a shedder in charging distance.  The other combat was just a few inches away and I would have no problems with disengaging my barely damaged Carnivean and one of the shedder in that combat for the kill. At least, that's what I hoped could have happened but we'll never know.

So, this new week of the league play we go up to 15 points which must have the battle box figures in the list so that leaves me 2 points to add a solo to my list.  So what to add?  I picked up a Forsaken.  This would be a great way to control some of that fury to keep my pets under control! :)

So more WarmaHordes stuff coming your way for sure.  So many games to play and very little time to do so!

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