Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dark Angels Deathwing Command Squad Review

And there's more new Dark Angels stuff released by Games Workshop!  In this video we take a look at the new Deathwing Command Squad kit which always allows you to build a a Deathwing Command Squad, Deathwing Terminators or Deathwing Knights!

Here's the video for the review of the Deathwing Command Squad:

I love these models.  The details on the Storm Shields are the best in my opinion.  I wish they made storm shields like this for the Space Wolves.

Another cool bonus is the Watcher of the Dark model.  I'm not too sure yet if it has practical use or if it's just for atheistic value.

This kit definately comes with loads of options allowing you make three different types of troop choices.  I wish there were more head options but other than that, it's a great kit to start and/or fortify a Deathwing army!

Is it just me or if you say Deathwing a lot and fast, you start humming the theme from Dark Wing Duck?

What do you guys think?

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