Friday, August 9, 2013

Black Templates and future supplements?

As posted on Faeit 212's blog, the Black Templars are being boxed into the upcoming Space Marines Codex and probably going to get a supplement released for them in the future (hopefully near future).  The question is why isn't ALL the space marine chapters being done this way? I, for one, would LOVE to see this structure taken for the other space marine chapters that has their own codex's, even my beloved Space Wolves. Let's weight it out a bit...

Now, there will people be a school of players out there that don't want to see their "codex" pushed into the main codex of the Space Marines. I just don't see what the difference is.  In fact, I think it should have been done this way from the beginning. In essences, what are the Blood Angels, Black Templar, Space Wolves and Dark Angel Codex's anyways? Supplements to the main C: SM book. But let's go over some stuff here in a more structured manner.

My Caveats about Supplements

First off, let's get this out of the way because this is the only thing I don't like about the supplements; the price and the amount of info you get for it.  For the price of a regular codex, it should have more game play information.  At least this is from my experience with the online Farsight Supplement but I'm assuming there might be more to it once the book goes into print. If there are any Eldar players out there then you can let me know how much of the "game play" info has been added to play a Iyanden based army.

When it comes to fluff, my Farsight supplement came with plenty and nothing regurgitated in where I have to re-read the same stuff that was in the Tau Empire Codex.  That was one thing I hated about the codex's for the Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templars and Dark Angels.  I've always felt so restless reading the first few pages of those codex's.

So more game info to make playing the supplements a better experience and make me feel like I got my money's worth. That's the only complaint I have about them.

Needless Bitching

One thing I know of for us wargamers in this hobby is that we hate change.  Period.  Get used to it. I think if GW goes the way it's going with the game (I'm not talking about the other shenanigans company wise) that it'll be better for everyone; one core codex and myriad of supplements for popular sub factions.

In the previous editions, these 4 codex's were a lot of regurgitated information anyways, either from the main rulebook fluff or the C: SM fluff as well as information on vehicles, weapons, units... etc. I noticed in the latest Dark Angel Codex, that there's a bunch of repeated fluff but most of the "common" space marine units were all referenced back to the main codex anyways.  So all in all, if they took out the repeated info it just becomes a "supplement".

I really think people are complaining about something they don't need to complain about. Some people I've seen argue that the BT doesn't abide by the codex astartes but neither does a bunch of other SM chapters that don't currently have their own codex's.  And to be rest assured, Farsight does NOT follow the way of the greater good either.  The Farsight Supplement did a very good job of adjusting the rules to cater to that. Crisis Suits are troop choices? What? You can play the 7 that has their own stats? What? The supplement they release DO have changes in way you can play that "supplement" that might be just a difference in the way you would play in the main codex.

If they do it the way they had done it with the Farsight Supplement then I don't think any BT (or BA, SW or DA) player has anything to worry about.  Let's just hope that these supplements will expand on the Chapter/Sub-Factions rather than hinder them.

Easier Adjustments for More Options

Assuming that this is the way GW will go with the game.  Core Rulebook, Core Codex and Supplements. Yes, they will make more money but let's forget that. They are a company.  If they want to sell more trinkets and people will buy them, that's how it works.  Let's hope to the greater power of whatever you believe in that they keep the price stifled and not raise them!

But assuming this is the plan and it encourage the company to make more supplements, then why stop them. It only makes the game better and gives us more options to play.  One thing that Warhammer excels at over other games is the options we get to field an army.  The more, the merrier. I want to see supplement on Shadowsun, or Saim-hann or Imperial Fists or Death Guard... you get the point.

Sure, a lot more FAQs to fix things and organize but as least they are focused into a specific areas.  That's something they can't get away with but if they can lock in a stable enough core codex that works with the core rules then more and quicker FAQs can be released to fix any issued within the supplements.

Less Core Rulebook Releases and More Codex's/Supplements

The thing the irks me about the way GW has done things in the past are the releases in new editions of the core rules.  When they release a new rule edition before all of the armies accompanying codex edition's are released, it annoys me to no end.  You may or may not agree.  I just want to be able to play Warhammer and allow my friends and I to have a winning chance when we play each other.  When there are codex's two or three editions behind, it messes with that army and it just not as fun when you have a friend or yourself stuck with an army you don't want to play anymore because it just can't keep up.

Maybe this is a sign that they may extend the time between rules editions to work on the stuff in between. You know, more codex fixes and supplements releases and new models to paint and put together and add to those missing links in your army.

All and all, I would like to see a lot more supplement released and maybe get people more excited to playing 40k again.  Sure, it's still a bit expensive and nothing changes in the way GW handles their own shenanigans but one can only hope that there's a better future for this game.

What do you think about the supplement releases and where they took the BT's?

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