Monday, September 16, 2013

A Crap Ton Of Fracking Marines

Since everyone and their mother is blogging about it, I figure we need to blog about it too. So here's our blog entry about the Crap Ton of Fracking Marines for a Crap Ton of Fracking Money. And that image I am using for this isn't with permission so in the chance of me getting a C&D I'm writing this exciting and over reported blog entry... for you. Our reader, our dear fans. BIG CHEESE FRODO POOP STUMP!

So for the sake of needing to click "Add to Cart" a couple of billion times, GW put together a one click button so you can buy a crap ton of Fracking Marines. That's a whole chapter so that means there's gotta be at least more than... 15 models to this thing.  I mean, it's big.

I'd write a whole description about it but fuck it.  If you don't know what it's all about, then you either don't know what wargaming is and you just stumble on this page because you googled "Big Cheese Frodo Poop Stump" in which, you wouldn't buy this in the first place or you do wargame but don't play Warhammer 40k in which, you wouldn't buy this in the first place.

But for those that are curious, the description is at the Games Workshop page for this bundle.

So a whole chapter.  That's 10 companies.  100 space spiggots in each company.  So that's... 1000 space spigots.  Yeh.

Now, they have some cool photos of the whole thing which can be found here.  I'd post it on this blog but why do I have to work for it? Why don't you do something for once? Seriously.  And if you're pissed I'm not posting the photos here, then check out the 50,000 other blogs that have posted about this.

So... First company... you can find the photo of what you get here. Then they have the second company that you can check out here. The 3rd to 6th companies are a bit different but you can find them here. The 7th to 10th company photos are a secret.  I can't tell you where they are or I will have to kill you.

That being said.  It's a crap ton of fracking marines.  I'm not sure if you got that yet or even gotten this far in this blog post.

You still reading? Good.  For the whole set you can get it for $11,690.00.  That's 11,690 one dollar bills, or if you want to make it sound cheaper, it's 1169 ten dollar bills.  Or, if you know someone in Australia, or you are in Australia, it's a lot more expensive.  You know because them kangaroo lovin' bunch won't stop reminding you how much things cost down there as if it's our fucking fault they live on a island penal colony that's so fucking dry you shit sand. (I still loving my brothers and sister in the down under though!)

So for a price of a car, or a house in West Virginia, or send your kids off to college you can buy a crap ton of balls of plastic and be envy of all 40k nerds and geeks out there.  But hey, there's the bus, a cardboard box and fuck the kids, who needs school?

You can also opt to get every army in the 40k universe to field them each and play 2000 point games.  But if you're one of those rich narcissistic assholes, you can get this instead. Or just used it to put a down payment on a new corvette, that'll get your more ass than balls of plastic would. Trust me.  

So there you have it.  As much fun as I'm making of it and how everyone is making a big deal out of it, it is pretty cool.  It'll be one hell of a project too!

Apologies for the wall of text.  Since there were a lack of photos, here's one of of a kitten praying for $11,690 to feed all the starving children in the world:

If you came here not knowing what wargaming is and thinking, "Oh how cute! It's one of those weird nerd things!" then I just have one thing to say... we aren't the ones that googled "Big Cheese Frodo Poop Stump". Just think about that for a few seconds. M'kay?

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