Friday, June 13, 2014

Shades of Blood of the Angels

Ok so I've been asked this a few times already so I tried to sit down and tried out some minitaire colors for a Blood Angels paint scheme. It's a bit a pain in the butt for me as I have no love for Blood Angels and it's kinda hard to paint something you can't stand. Anyways, here we go and we'll go over with using a black primer and a white primer.

Let's start with using a black primer.  When I originally was working with the black primered model, I had to add an extra step. I also wanted to try some other stuff with the figured primed white. Playing around with colors and techniques is all part of the painting process that I love.

We'll use this baby in my test model box:

1) Primer with Stynylrez black. If you haven't tried Stynylrez yet, it's Badger's new primers.  This stuff is the bomb.  I know it's coming from me so it might be a little bias but so far everyone's been saying the same thing about them:

2) Next we base coat with Regal Red. On black, it comes out just a little lighter than I wanted. In this case, I would probably have used dark leather instead but either way it worked for what we need to do. Cover the model in this color. It will be our shadow tone.

3) Next we mainly all the surface of the model with Angelic Blood.  This came out a dark bloody red. It is actually quite a nice shade.  If you want a dark red scheme that might work more for chaos, I would skip the next step and into the highlight step.

4) Next we do that same as a second mid tone with Scorching Red.  This pushes the dark red into the brighter red you see in your typical Blood Angels.  Not don't cover it as much as you did with the Angelic Blood in the last step. This should almost be a highlight.

5) Now mixing 1:1 Scorching Red and Warning Yellow we throw one some highlights. What you can do is leave whatever is left in the last step and just mix in the Warning Yellow. Now the highlight here is subtle, if you want to give your highlights more contrast you can try 1:1.5 Scorching Red to Warning Yellow. Just be careful because at this point, your highlight could be too orange.

There you go.  Now this look brighter than something to the picture on the left. Always remember that when you move on to next steps like weathering and then to clear coating it matte, it will dull the colors so you want to "compensate" for that. If you aren't clear coating, what aren't ya? This is mainly important for putting models on the table. The explanation of clear coating is here.

Always block your scheme with a test model. I do that all the time and that helps me settle on specific colors and techniques before laying it down on the rest of the army.  Keep a color recipe book like Les or I do so you have a "playbook" to go back to.

Now let's rewind this back and try a different process starting with a white primer.

1) I primer the model with Stynylrez white.

2) On this step I use the base color as above; Regal Red.  But I did NOT like this on white.  It's too purple. At this point using white, I would suggest going to Dark Leather instead. I already laid this down so whatever. Ha!

3) I mid-tone with Angelic Blood.  Since it's base on a white canvas the Angelic Blood came out more brighter so my process changes here.

4) Next I do something very different than from above, I mid-tone/highlight with Pumpkin. I'm doing a reverse shading.  Right now all the top surfaces of the model looks orange.  We need that for the next step.

5) This is where be bring in the red again using Scorching Red. This is important. I am diluting this to practically 1:1 with water.  What we now have is a watery Scorching Red. I hit the whole model spraying far away.  About 10 to 12 inches away and just dust the model with a very thin layer.  I do this twice. This bring back the red and keeps the highlights a little orange.  This make for a VERY subtle blending and hightlights.

If subtle blends and highlights is your thing, then you can move on.  I would do some hard line highlights with a  1:1 mix of Scorching Red and Warning Yellow with a brush.  Then touch up with more warning yellow if needed.

That's it for now but when it come to the Blood Angels scheme with Minitaire this is how I would do it.

Over and out!

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  1. Hey Chung, looking pretty solid - good article and experimentation with the Badger paint line. I'm still kinda ehhh, not sold yet on the line. I am expecting the VGC air product to be decent. But yeah, I enjoyed your article and learned a few things. I like how you take scale model techniques and apply them to wargame models. -Randy